Stated Income Loans in Washington

Applying for a mortgage, but don't have a W-2? With a stated income loans, that does not need to stand in the way of purchasing or refinancing a home in Seattle or elsewhere in Washington.

When you apply for a stated income loans, you do not need to provide a W-2 or other traditional paperwork to demonstrate your income. As the name implies, you need only state your income.

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Washington Stated Income Loan Benefits

You do not have to provide a W-2. You also do not need to offer documentation such as tax returns or pay stubs to verify your income.

When speed is of the essence, a stated income loan can be a great time-saver. It can also simplify the application process.

Work with a lender that understands you. Explaining the nuances of your finances to a lender that only deals in traditional documentation can test your patience. Blue Square Mortgage processes stated income loans on a regular basis for customers with a broad range of situations. We will work with you to help you apply quickly and efficiently for a loan.

Who Should Apply for a Washington Stated Income Loan?

  • For those who are self-employed, submitting a W-2 as proof of income is not feasible. A stated income loan frees you from this requirement.
  • If you have just recently taken a new job in Seattle, Bellevue, or another location in Washington, submitting documentation from your job may not be practical. Using the stated income method may make financing the purchase of a home more accessible.
  • Investors and others for whom a debt-to-income ratio is not fully representative may find that a stated income loan is a more appropriate option.
  • Does your income move up and down from month to month or season to season? The stated income method may allow you to paint a more accurate picture of your financial means.

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Not having a W-2 should not stop you from applying for a mortgage. Please call Blue Square Mortgage now at (206) 352-6453. We would be glad to walk you through the stated income loan process. Let's get you the financing you need for your home purchase or real estate investment.

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