Vacation Home & Second Home Mortgages in Washington

Are you in the market to purchase a second home or a vacation home in Seattle, Bellevue, or elsewhere in Washington state? Blue Square Mortgage has helped numerous buyers throughout WA to purchase second homes conveniently, affordably, and expediently.

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Why Choose Us for Your Second Home Mortgage in WA?

Many other mortgage companies have only limited experience working with customers buying a second home. Blue Square Mortgage has worked with homebuyers with a wide variety of financial situations, resources, and goals. Whatever your dream, we can help you to make it a reality.

You may be aware that second home mortgage rates are typically lower than those on rental investment properties a fact well worth taking advantage of in a competitive housing market like the Seattle metropolitan region. Whatever your planned use for your vacation home, we will make sure you are in a position to capitalize on the most affordable rates in the area.

We know the regional housing market inside and out. Whether you are looking for a private home just for yourself, or you are shopping for a vacation home you will also rent out part-time, we can assist you in navigating obstacles and overcoming challenges. That way you wont miss out on a single opportunity.

We close fast so that you are able to get an offer accepted on your ideal vacation home. As real estate is in high demand in Seattle and Bellevue, this is one of the key benefits we offer over our competitors.

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Are you ready to own a vacation home or second home? PPlease contact us today at (206) 352-6453 to set up your consultation for a second home mortgage in Washington state. P We can't wait to help you make your dreams a reality.

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