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First Time Homebuyer Loans
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Buying your first home is a tremendous life milestone. While it is an exciting one, it also comes with its share of questions. You may not know how the lending process works, or be in the know about all the terms and fees involved with a mortgage. Perhaps you are not familiar with all the loan programs which might be open to you.

First Time Home Buyer in Seattle Washington

Blue Square Mortgage is here to help

We love working with first time homebuyers, and are passionate about helping every customer to find the ideal mortgage for the ideal home.We will walk you through the entire process with patience and responsiveness. At all times, we emphasize speed, affordability, and transparency. That way you can feel confident knowing you are signing on the mortgage that will fit your needs.

What to Know When Buying Your First Home in Washington State

Embarking on the journey of home ownership in Washington, you will discover that home prices here are rising fast, particularly in Seattle and the surrounding area. Even with that competitive pricing however, homes can fly off the market fast.

For that reason, you may need to move quickly to sign a mortgage on the home of your dreams. We do not want you to miss out on an opportunity, which is why we get you pre-approved within just one hour and facilitate a streamlined loan process with quick closing.

Loan Programs for First Time Homebuyers in Washington State

While many first time homebuyers shop for conventional or jumbo loans, there are a couple of programs which can save you money on your first home loan if you qualify.

FHA Loans

The FHA loan program from the Federal Housing Administration is perfect for first time homebuyers. Those who are eligible for an FHA-backed loan can put just 3.5-10% down on a home. Credit qualifications for FHA loans are more relaxed than they are for loans not insured by the government. Interest rates are more competitive as well.


VA Loans

For first time homebuyers who have served or are serving in our nations armed forces, VA loans insured by the Department of Veterans Affairs are an option. If you are eligible for this type of loan, you will not have to make any down payment on your first home. Your interest rates and terms will be friendly and affordable as well.



There may be local programs for first-time homebuyers in Seattle or other Washington cities and towns which you may be able to apply for. We can help you to look into these possibilities.

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How We Help First Time Homebuyers in Seattle, Bellevue, and
Throughout the State

When you work with Blue Square Mortgage, here is what you can expect from the process of buying your first home:

We listen to your needs. Every first time home buyer has unique goals and considerations when choosing a loan. We take the time to ask you questions and listen carefully to your responses so that we can recommend mortgage products tailored to your individual requirements.

We answer your questions. No matter how many questions you have at each stage of the lending process, we are here to give you the answers you need. It is important for us that our customers understand the terms of their mortgages in full.

We work around your obstacles. Not every homebuyer has a perfect credit score or a long, stable work history. Whatever your story, we will work hard toward getting you into your WA home.We work around your obstacles. Not every homebuyer has a perfect credit score or a long, stable work history. Whatever your story, we will work hard toward getting you into your WA home.

We accommodate your schedule. Need to move fast on a home? We can work to help you meet important deadlines. With pre-approval in just an hour, you can make a compelling offer on your dream property.

We can hold your hand each step of the way. There will never be a point during the mortgage application process where you are on your own or are not sure what you need to do next. Blue Square Mortgage's knowledge, friendly home loan experts are on your side.

Let's Get You Into Your First Home

You are ready for the next chapter of your life, and we are ready to help you turn the page. To get pre-approved now for your first home loan, please call us at (206) 352-6453. Soon you could be unlocking the door to your new home and your future in Washington state!