Poor Credit Loans in Washington

We currently have no loans available below 620 middle credit score due to covid and lenders are changing guidelines. Loans with scores under 680 are restrictive..

How We Can Help

When you contact us about bad credit home loans in Washington, we can assist you in the following ways:

We can counsel you on what you can do right now to try and raise your credit score. If there is flexibility in your schedule for purchasing a home, there may still be time to reduce the perception that you are a risky homebuyer.

We can examine the broader picture of your finances, taking into account the context of your credit score. Although credit scores are important, they do not always tell the full story. We will also consider your debt-to-income ratio, employment history and other factors when you apply for a loan.

We will connect you with the most affordable loan we can find for you. To do this, we will check to see if you qualify for any special loan programs with flexible credit qualifications. Some examples are FHA and VA loans. Even if you do not, we can bring you competitive conventional financing.

We can also advise you on your options for the future. If you expect your credit score to improve going forward, you may be able to take out a loan now, and later refinance at a more affordable rate.

Call Us Today to Apply for a Poor Credit Loan in Seattle or Elsewhere in Washington State

You have dreams and goals and a timeline for achieving them. There are a lot of reasons why your credit may have taken a hit but you could still be a perfectly viable homebuyer with a stable financial future.

That is why at Blue Square Mortgage, we do not believe that a poor credit score should stop you from buying a home and owning your piece of the American dream.

When you give us a call at (206) 352-6453, we can set up a consultation where we can sit down with you to discuss your finances and the options which are available to you. We look forward to helping you open the door to homeownership in Washington state.